Magpie Corvid Skull with Kyanite, Diamonds, Pearls, and Quartz

Sticks Stones & Bones

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This real magpie skull sits a blade of black kyanite and is adorned with 7 rough black diamonds and under its beak it holds a black pearl. Attached is a half-copper formed magpie feather, two clear quartz crystals, and a smoky quartz crystal topped with another black pearl. Definitely a statement piece. 

The skull and feather are from Eurasion Magpies, or "Pica pica" and according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service are not one of protected species of magpie under the Migratory Bird Act, which is good to know because it's illegal to possess any part of a bird listed under it, which covers pretty much every bird you can find in America that isn't a game bird. These are found bones and feathers, so no magpies died to make this. Which is good, because they're possibly my favorite corvid. 

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