FAQ/Return Policy

Will it turn my skin green?

It might and it might not. Some people don't react to it but I know many if not most do. I always seal rings well with a trusted sealer to help prevent this and to possibly protect the patina but I have yet to hear of a sealer so good it's permanent. Rings go through a lot of wear and tear. Taking rings off to wash hands or shower will help but if you find your fingers are turning green, a coat of clear nail polish on the inside of the band will help for a while. There are also brands of sealer especially for metal jewelry that are meant to be longer lasting-which is what I use. For more information, check out Care of Your Electroformed Jewelry.


It's just copper. Why is it so expensive?

Electroforming is a long process and takes days from start to finish. I buy each and every stone and bone and find every stick with an intention in mind and make every piece by hand. Every piece is one of a kind and there will never be another exactly like it. Although some of my simpler pieces have prices that mainly reflect the materials and work, please don't forget that jewelry designers aren't asking the price for materials just as a painter doesn't only charge for the paint and the canvas. We are artists, not mass producers. 


What is your return policy?

I will accept returns within a reasonable amount of time based on circumstance. I will accept returns on mis-sized rings for 30 days with return shipping at buyer's expense. If damage happens under normal wear please at least let me know. Not only do I want to make a customer happy but it's important to me to know. I do not do refunds without a return. 


 Do you reserve pieces?

Yes I can, for now. If you really like something and you don't get paid for a week or two message me. If you do not keep in contact or purchase in that time I will not reserve for you again. 


Any other questions, just ask! My e-mail is sticksstonesnbones759@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help. If you fancy an item but would like more photos/information I'll gladly oblige.