About SSB

My name is Amanda and I'm a single operator, working from my apartment in my living room that's been converted to my studio. I randomly came across some electroformed jewelry in early 2016 while perusing Instagram and fell head over heels with the style. I researched all I could on what it was for a couple months, and finally gathered the basic materials to start making it myself and then opened my own store in August of 2016. 
I've always been a "crafty" person who'd rather make than buy something mass produced, and I've always loved rocks and nature, so it was a fated match. I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the winters are long and the barrenness of everything can be tough to handle. Maybe that's why I was so drawn to the idea of being able to immortalize anything. 
I'm not very good at talking about me, but I guess I'd describe myself as being a little bit old school punk rock, a little goth, and a little hippie, and pretty witchy and I think my jewelry probably reflects all of those, depending on the day I decided to make a certain piece. I love to able to give to organizations that I believe in, so at any given time I'll have a collection or at least a few pieces that give to a cause. 
When I'm not sitting at my work table trying to put stuff together I work in a group home for developmentally disabled women. I also have a teenage son, who lives with me full time. 
Half of the face behind SSB. Other half is cats.