Care of Your Electroformed Jewelry

Soon I'll print this up to send with your order, but if you did not receive a care card give this a read. 

One, this is all copper. The process used to make your jewelry doesn't involve any annealing. Annealing is a heat process that makes metal softer and easier to bend and less likely to break or fracture. Since your jewelry has not undergone this process that doesn't mean that it's fragile, but it is not designed to be twisted or strongly bent. Any adjustable rings should be adjusted slowly and not more than 1 or maybe 2 sizes, and cuff bracelets should be put on with care without bending the metal. It should be fine unless you actively try to destroy your new jewelry, so please don't do that. Also be conscious of things like carrying all 12 grocery bags on one hand (because making more than trip sucks) while wearing an electroformed ring. Also be mindful if you're the type to forcefully jam your hands into pockets or purses. I like to think it would hurt your finger before the jewelry because I try to make everything as sturdy as possible, but it's still not a good idea either way. 

I've sealed all my rings and many of my pendants. This sealant is not permanent, unfortunately. If you find your fingers are suddenly turning a green tinge you have a few options. If you're fine with a green finger band that's cool-it's completely harmless. You can also either dab some clear nail polish on the band or you can find a special sealant used for metal jewelry. The brand I use is Protectaclear, but there are other brands used for metal jewelry such as ITS sealer or a light coat of jewelry resin. Some require light heat to cure, so if you're unsure if the stone or item can withstand heat don't be afraid to ask me if you go that route. 

Since as I said, the sealant isn't permanent, there are some things you can do that will extend the life of it and any patina or brightness of the copper. 

Remove your jewelry before washing your hands, bathing, swimming, hot tubbing, or saunas. If you wear a ring next to your electroformed ring, the metal rubbing against metal will remove the sealant, patina, or silver plating very quickly. 

Any silver plated items have an extremely thin coat of silver. It will wear off eventually. Any blackened patina rings will also start to wear through and the color of copper will shine through. A dip in a liver of sulfur solution will bring it back. 

Although I haven't noticed this happening on any of my jewelry, it is possible that you might notice flakes coming off your item. If this happens it is just the sealant wearing off.

Though most of my items should be fine, I do not recommend storing in direct sunlight. Some items are an absolute no-no for sunlight and will be stated in the item description. In any case, nothing should be left on the dash of your car on a hot day. 

If your item was left unsealed or it has worn away and you would like to give it a polish, you can use a mild cleanser or a polishing cloth/Sunshine cloth. Polishing cloths will remove patina, but it will regain a natural patina over time.