Dragon Claw and Purple Labradorite

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Alright, I'll admit it's not a real dragon claw. It's a pheasant foot I got from a hunter who took this bird in my own state of South Dakota. But it looks like a dragon claw grasping an egg to me.

A lot of care went into this piece, from rehydrating the foot to pose and then letting it dry naturally in place and figuring out the angles on how it would hang. I'm very pleased with the result. 

The labradorite is a whopping 240 carats or 48 grams and flashes in brilliant purples, violets, with that little patch of bright yellows and blues. I admit, like most labradorites I had a hell of a time photographing this hence the many photos, but believe me, this puppy is flashy. I just wanted to make sure I'm properly representing this and showing the different types of light. 

Like all of my pendants it does come with a chain, and the length is always adjustable on request. I measured this one to sit right at the top of a chest but if you want longer, just let me know in the notes. 

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