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Rhinoceros Beetle and Kyanite Neck Loop

Sticks Stones & Bones

Regular price $190.00

On one side of this neck loop there is a rhinoceros beetle (male Xylotrupes gideon for you bug people) that appears to be crawling up to your neck and on the other is a piece of black kyanite positioned to rest above and between the chest. 

The beetle is thickly plated in copper and sad for him, he won't be able crawl any further. He has been given a very bright rainbow patina while most of the piece has been left polished bright. This has been well sealed to keep the brightness of the copper and those colors lasting as long as possible. A beautiful and unique statement piece. 

Design copyrighted 2017. 

International shipping is $40 for this item due to the insurance and tracking since I won't send this First Class-Priority only! Please contact me if you're an international buyer. Last time I shipped this it was over $40 but if I can find a smaller box and it is less I'll reimburse any difference. I'm sorry for any inconvenience but I don't trust customs enough not to insure this, which First Class International doesn't allow. 

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