Electroformed Willow Wand with Moonstone, Quartz, and Amethyst

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Willow wood wand with electroformed copper on the hilt and tip. The tip is a double terminated moonstone point surrounded by three small quartz crystal points, and the hilt has a small amethyst crystal ball. I plated the copper with silver and then gave it a patina, and in some places the silver was rubbed away to show the copper giving this a very natural, rustic look. 

I tried to keep any finish on this wand as natural as possible, so the wood and the copper/silver have only been given a light rub of beeswax and honeysuckle essential oil. 

Measures almost exactly 12 inches in length. 

Left under the light of the full moon to cleanse/charge. 

The willow wood was naturally shed and acquired during a thunderstorm last summer, and there's a funny story about me liking to think I scared off a police officer who spotlighted me dragging a felled willow branch through a public park in the middle of the night during said storm. I'm sure I looked insane in the lightning but hey, I didn't get a trespassing ticket.

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