Electroformed Mammoth Ivory Pendants

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These pendants are made of ivory that is at least 10,000 years old! How cool is that? These pendants are each about 1-1.5 inches in length and have a rainbow-y darkened copper finish and chain to match. These have been polished, but not carved in any way so any imperfections are a natural quality of the ivory. Please choose from A,B, or C to choose the pendant you'd like to receive. 

I acquired a small amount of this mammoth ivory from a coworker of mine but I've since learned that mammoth ivory is used to smuggle elephant ivory, by claiming that elephant ivory is the legal and almost indistinguishable mammoth ivory. I have no doubts that what I have is in fact mammoth ivory, but when this is gone I will not be purchasing more. Because of the similarities of mammoth and elephant ivory sale of fossil ivory has been banned in New York and New Jersey. I can NOT ship these to these states. 

So even though this is made from animals that have been extinct for thousands of years, I do feel it necessary to donate a portion of any of my mammoth ivory sales to the Wildlife Conservation Society, which does a lot of really great work in preventing elephant poaching. 

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