Electroformed Heart Specimen Bottle

Sticks Stones & Bones

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Take another little piece of my heart of my heart now, baby. But please don't break it, it is in glass after all.

This is a pigeon heart, ethically acquired-no little birbs died for this. I tried to replicate a wax seal with copper but it looked a bit plain so there is a black freshwater pearl resting on the top. Comes on a soldered link chain. 

Any specimens should always be kept out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will deteriorate the specimen and foul up the alcohol, so when you're not wearing this keep it away from windows and don't store near a heat source. 

And I shouldn't have to say this, but be mindful that this is a GLASS bottle. So like, don't wear this jogging or anything. And just be mindful about leaning over things and whatnot so it doesn't smack against a counter top or gravestone or whatever. 

The pendant with bail is 2 3/4 inches tall. 

After a couple of months the alcohol has discolored slightly to a reddish hue, which I believe is from the cork, but it should be noted. 

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