White Rose Collection

This collection was inspired by the White Rose Movement, who were active during Nazi Germany. The group, composed of students and a professor from Munich, fought against the genocide of the Jewish people using non-violent means. They anonymously left leaflets opposing the hatred, fascism, and fear they felt were taking over their country. They did this knowing that to be caught would be considered treason but they risked their lives and ultimately lost them for what they knew was right. The siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl were core members of the group and were convicted of treason and beheaded in 1943, and many more were executed or imprisoned. 

I did this collection because I feel that the legacy of the White Rose has its place right now in the US and its current attempts of blocking Syrian refugees and the "Muslim ban"-much like the US did to the Jewish people during Nazi Germany. I wanted to make something to show support to resistance and as a reminder to stick up for what is right. The original members picked the white rose as a symbol of their resistance because they felt it represented purity and innocence in the face of evil, and I want to continue that in my own little way.  

15% of all sales in this collection will be donated to the American Refugee Committee. 

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